CodeCatz is a coding study group where women are never in the minority. We hack open source projects together and participate in cool tech events.

The idea for CodeCatz was born at the Girls After Rails Meetup in Summer 2013. The first CodeCatz meetup took place on Wednesday, July 17 at the offices of Zemanta. Since then, we have been meeting every Wednesday at different locations around Ljubljana. Our hosts also included Celtra and Hekovnik. In July 2014, we made ourselves at home at RAMPA Lab, where we had regular meetups up until the end of 2015. Now we mostly work together online.

2014 was quite a year for us! We developed, released and mainted our first big common project, the events website for Europe Code Week. We also organized several beginner programming workshops for women, spoke at different events, and were nominated for person of the year 2014 by Delo.

Who’s behind CodeCatz?

CodeCatz is a group volunteering effort. Currently active Catz:


Current projects:

Completed projects: