Who are CodeCatz?

We’re a non-profit coding club of mostly women who believe that women should have a proper place and recognition in the world of Technology, Math and Science.

The Core of the group are three Catz: Alja, Erika and Mateja. We are three women with different backgrounds and different hair colors but with one common goal: to make the IT world a nice and friendly place for all of us, but especially women.

We like to learn and we love to share our knowledge. We organized several coding workshops for women and we plan to even more.

For more info about CodeCatz, visit our very own website.

About Tutorial

This tutorial was prepared for beginners that have no experience with coding. Our main goal was to cover basic concepts of web development but without focusing too much on technicalities that usually scare off novices. Also, what’s best than completing the tutorial and ending up with your very own website you can actually show to others?